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I like to draw Pokemon and Don Bluth characters. If you don't know who Don Bluth is, go look him up. Anyway, I like to draw fan art. I don't have original characters. I had some, but they all sucked.

I'm trying to make more hand drawn art in my gallery than I used to. I used to draw on MS Paint, but I figured out that my MS Paint drawings look bad. Sometimes, I may color my hand drawn fan art in GIMP. I also my make alot of stamps.

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Artwork that is better than the crap I submit. :)


Fun Fact: The Least Weasel by Wolena
Fun Fact: The Least Weasel
Is anyone else around here enough of an animal nerd to wonder exactly what sub-species of said animal a fairly minor character is? Well, I totally am. Even if Chris Seavor never intended for anyone to like this chubby weasel here enough to wonder what the hell his name even is, I went and took the liberty of researching the different types of weasels so I can, for no reason, differentiate which type each character in Conker'S Bad Fur Day is.

The first thing that really piqued my interest in this is the size difference between Don Weaso and Smol/Templeton/Dongle/Chrispleasenamethispoorasshole. If you beat the Great Mighty Poo before going to Bats Tower and go through those blades to find the guards, instead of being treated to that rather delightful scene where Chub Chub is taking a dump behind a rock, you get a scene where both guards are standing there and will not let you pass because you don't have enough money. There, while they're standing there, you can stand next to them and see that Templeton is only about half and head, maybe a head taller than Conker. On the other hand, right before you enter the bank in the Heist chapter, you can stand next to Don Weaso and find that Conker is less than half his size. Even though they share the same body model (their head models are different), one is made to be much larger in size, likely to match Weaso's powerful, egotistical personality.

Using Conker as a comparison tool, since the guards and Weaso are never in the same scene, Don Weaso and Tol/Simpleton/Dingle/Chrispleasenamethisotherpoorasshole are the same size. Thus, they're both Mountain Weasels. Ze Professor is as big as Weaso without his legs, so he'd probably be the tallest of all of them with his legs, so he's a Long-Tailed Weasel. Short stuff over here's a Least Weasel, the only one of the three mentioned that has a drastic change is fur coat color during the winter. Templeton turns white, while Simpleton probably just fades slightly and Ze Professor stays exactly the same. I'd imagine it gets pretty amusing. 

In fact, I like to imagine that, in their earlier years, Simpleton would gasp and go “Floating clothes!”, or “Where’d Templeton go?! MOM, I can’t find Templeton!” whenever he saw Templeton during the winter time. He still does it now, but he’s fully aware that Templeton is, in fact, there. So, he just continues to say those things just to tease his little brother figure, hence the irritated expression and the “Every bloody year…” thought bubble. I headcanon that Simpleton acts like a big brother to Templeton, even though they aren't related, so he gets to be protective and annoying. 
Ze Professor/Von Kriplespac by Wolena
Ze Professor/Von Kriplespac
Saved the best and most important weasel for last.

He and the Don both have sharp teeth, but his are more crooked from age and years of abuse. I feel like he'd be freakier if those sharp teeth remained hidden until one special moment where he suddenly flashes this wicked grin... Maybe when something's about to go according to how he planned it? Live & Reloaded could've at least been a little more creative with him of all people.
Don Weaso by Wolena
Don Weaso
His first name's not "Don". That's a title; it's another word for "Godfather". 

I drew this the same time I did this weasel guards and for the same reason. Also did Ze Professor, as well. I really feel like all the weasel characters (or at least all the ones that have speaking roles) should look different from each other. I mean, N64 graphics are one thing, but if there were to be any new games on any of the highly advanced gaming systems we have now? I dunno if a bunch of totally different characters having facial features that are really similar could fly. 

And yes, Don Weaso is the only one who is allowed to still have permanently gritted teeth.


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I'm Lindsay. I like getting nicknames. I also love headcanons. And animals.

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